(Splintered Soul)

I’ve literally spent years trying to find the holy grail of studio furniture for this purpose since I’d had to spread my gear over 3-4 times more space than necessary to do the job I require. This is why I have now put my name to StudioDesk as one of their artists. The thought that went into the conception and design of their Music Commander series was a work of genius.”


Chris has been composing since the age of 11, (teaching since the age of 14) when he picked up the Guitar and his first computer simultaneously.
He has considered both as his instruments for composition ever sinceG Chris has always had an open mind for all styles of music the world over, and considers anything a potential influence.
Studying Classical Guitar at the Royal School ofMusic, Musical Theatre at the Miskin Theatre in Dartford, Contemporary Music at Bretton Hall College, as well as advanced Guitar and Theory from the legendary Chris Broderick of Megadeth.
Chris Frost has had a passion for original composition from day one. Following years of compositional experimentation, Chris was finally struck by the realisation of what he’d been creating. Rock/Metal and Film Score could work together as a potential new genre of music that to date, hadn’t been explored. In autumn 2006 Chris immediately formed “Splintered Soul” a band with a unique and highly memorable style1 that continues to get incredible interest the world over. Chris regularly applies his background in Music and Technology to Splintered Soul to keep the band revolutionary both in and out of the studio.
Chris scored for a British Horror film called “Poster Boy” also due to be released at Film Festival this summer.

Others about Chris and Splintered Soul

“One of the most dedicated and hard working bands around” These guys have managed to create their own unique sound that a lot of young pretenders will try to imitate…”

James Dove, Music Force Distribution

“Splintered Soul are just epic to watch and stand out from nearly every other band out there” Come and see them live and see why.

Kdam Gregory, the director of “Bloodstock” festival

“Today Bloodstock witnessed an unstoppable symphonic object, gently but confidently smashing aside any obstacles that once dared stand in its way. A future slot on the main stage seems almost inevitable.”

Klan HicksM The Rock Matrix

“What makes them stand out, and they do definitely stand out, are not only the vocal talents of Spanish born Erica Mengod who manages to produce a huge voice from a tiny frame and whose slight accent is perfect for the music but also the stunning and beautiful six string electric violin work of Sally Jo who is in essence Splintered Soul’s ‘second guitarist’, Of course the brilliant eight string guitar work of Chris Frost, six string bass of Arran McSporran and powerful drumming of James Burrows also have to be mentioned! These guys and girls can really sing and play but please don’t think that their musical talent overshadows anything else because the song always comes first”

Festival EP Review by Richard Tilley for zrutifal Metal Radio