Valor Series is the ultimate gaming station designed to bring your game to another level. Ergonomic station gives you an incredible experience and makes you proud in every aspect. The looks of this station will make you feel like being the commander of a futuristic spaceship. Sitting comfortably feels good, but standing here and there feels even better. Changing your posture is one button away. Nothing on the market can’t be compared to Valor Station, designed to improve your gaming experience, gives you joy every time you come to your room, at the same time, helping you stay healthy.
If you ever dream about futuristic Gaming station you’ll be proud on, here it is. Valor provides gaming experience from another world.


VALOR station is our first true gaming desk. It leans on the high class electric motorized platform adjustable in height from 70 - 120 cm from the ground. Spacious desktop giving you incredible space. It's lacquered finish feels so good. Padded armrest gives you all the comfort you need for your wrists. Tempered glass features on the desk are fitted with Digital RGB LED strips. Optional PC tower is practical and beautiful addition to this setup, giving your PC or gaming console a special place on the Throne where she belongs. At the same time it saving your desk space. Digital RGB LED's inside the PC tower are in sync with the desk moods. Cable management placed in the central desk aria takes your cables neatly under the desk. Stainless steel cup holder keep your drink in a safe place preventing it from spilling to your valuable gear and leaving marks on your desktop.



Digital RGB LED lights are standard and standard with every VALOR desk. Functionality is managed trough smart phone app (OS and Android compatible) over direct connection or WiFi. This feature allows you to change your entire room mood remotely with the simple tap on your smart phone. Color options, programs, moods and effects on the app endless. All the lights on the desk and Throne Tower are in sync with each other.



We are aware that your PC is centerpiece of your setup and it is so beautiful to deserve a special place. For this reason we designed a PC Throne. Equipped with headphone hook and Digital RGB LED stripes it will be great addition to your setup leaving you more precious space on your desk. RGB Lights of the Throne are in sync with lights on the desk and will work only when connected to the controller on the desk.



Studio Desk Brand build it’s reputation on quality, ergonomic design and practicality. Only high-quality materials are utilized with special attention to incomparable finish to insure our desk will last you for long years to come. Our R&D and production incorporate CAD and CNC technology insuring 100% precision of all the parts. Desktop is made of 25 mm MDF, fully lacquered board. We know how easy assembly is important to you. Our desks are designed to be assembled without any drilling. It can be assembled by anyone. Your desk can be easily disassembled and assembled again on the other location if needed. To make your life even easier, we created a step by step assembly videos. All connecting components are thoughtfully planned. All designs are made with attention to aesthetic and modern look which will be noticed by your visitors and not easily outdated. Let your best game begins NOW!





A high quality desk of sleek design and sturdy construction. The desk was delivered promptly and straight forward to build. The motorised legs work as expected. The included LED lights make the desk look even more amazing. In my view, the best producer / gaming desk on the market.

Oliver Beddows - DE

Super desk. Simply amazing! Very well built, comfortable and the working flow of my music gained a lot. Money spent very well.


Solide ! Design ! Elegancy and profesional, juste amazing ! Thank u from France 🇫🇷



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