Proudly present StudioDesk‘s new flagship model with a name that speaks for itself – DOMINATOR.

DOMINATOR Series workstation has been designed to represent all the ideas we’ve ever had and most of the aspects you always wanted to have in your studio. It’s one of a kind design, sleek lines, outstanding features, finest details, comfort, size, ergonomics, finish, and overall looks are attributes strong enough to dominate the market. Sitting next to this workstation is extremely inspirational.

DOMINATOR will keep your workflow organized while giving your studio an outstanding professional hard-to-forget look. There is something we hear so many times from our customers. When visitors or artists enter their studio, instead to notice Super Expensive Speakers, First Class tube EQ and Pre-Amplifier, artists are mostly stunned with StudioDesk as the centerpiece and foundation of every studio. These stories make us proud giving us proof that our mission to create your one of a kind space is accomplished.


DOMINATOR Workstation is your entire studio covering only 2m2 (21 square feet) of your space. Spacious desktop surface, an ergonomically lowered shelf long enough for 43 monitor screens. The top Speaker shelf gives you enough space for two pairs of speakers, angled towards your sitting position, putting you in the sweet spot. Side aesthetic wings are not only to give this desk outstanding sports looks, rather to prevent speakers to fall off the desk from vibrations. Central positioned Rack bay with space for 8 Units give you better access to your components frequently in use without leaving a sweet spot. Additional 2 U rack spaces per side under the monitor shelf summarize a total of 12 U available spaces on this workstation. A comfortable padded armrest on this desk gives you extra comfort for long hours. The armrest is exchangeable which gives you the ability to change its color if your studio theme changes. The spacious Keyboard stand is long enough to accommodate 88 key keyboards. It can be pushed under the desk completely when not in use or placed aside for the Artists performance. The keyboard stand is adjustable in height in regards keyboard in use. The main idea is to bring your keys to sit at average Grand Piano height for the best ergonomic experience. The keyboard stand is on durable casters suitable for carpet floors. The large cable management under the main desk is keeping your cables away from your site. A special spark added to this workstation is remotely controlled RGB LED Lights lighting to the central rack components, keyboard, ambient on the back, and desk logos on both sides. Add additional Rack space by installing a Floor Rack cabinet beneath your desk or aside. Adding DOMINATOR Workstation to your arsenal is something you will never regret and be proud of.

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