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How to catch the desk you want in the USA

Why I can’t get the desk I want when I want it in the USA?

This is the most common question asked by our overseas friends in the States. Well, here is the reason. StudioDesk becomes very popular in the United States so our sales go better and better. Demand is way bigger than our ability to produce and deliver. StudioDesk constantly striving to produce enough stock but since there is Atlantic ocean in between us, the turnover time is long. From the day of shipping to arrival, it can easily past a full month or more. To give you some advantage, every time we ship the new container to the States the Pre-Order is open in the shop for the desks which are loaded in the container. If you want to catch the model and color you like, we would highly recommend you to make your pre-order and get delivered once goods arrive in the United States. This is the only way to secure the desk you want and reserv it for you so it will not be sold on the way. Most of the time 70% of the stock is sold on the way to the United States. As of the time we are writing this blog, a brand new container has been sent to the USA with ETA October 5th, 2019.