We give our best to destroy the leg

After receiving a few reports where people claim that they received a broken desk leg we decide to do an in-house investigation.

The “mad man” in this video is Franky.

Franky is head of our logistics department and person responsible for the Quality check and he and his team perform Quality check 4 times in the production process.

StudioDesk builds a reputation of a High-end Brand. Buying products under our Brand, you receive our strong promise. We promise you uncompromised quality. Probably the best on the market. This is important to know.

To be able to keep our promise and reputation, we need to be extra careful to meet the benchmark we set for ourselves. Every single part is produced with special care and finally checked by Franky and the team (people in the video) before it is placed in the carton box and inside the crate. Recently, we had a few cases where customers reporting receiving leg with crack.

Nobody knows better than us about all the effort we are investing in our product. Special care is invested from production to the end product. Products are cleaned, polished, quality checks performed all the way. The last quality check is performed before packaging in a carton box and inside a sturdy crate for secure delivery. Each and every claim that goods arrived broken in the intact crate makes us think that something is very very wrong in the claim. But you never know so we made this test.

This video is part of our investigation where we are trying to destroy the leg and mimic the damage and crack on the leg. Our desk is delivered in a sturdy crate, made from 16 mm massive wood from the bottom to prevent damages made by handling in the process of shipping from our warehouse to the customer’s doors. The leg is made from 38 mm MDF lacquered with 7 layers of paint. Lacquer is hardened with UV light making this leg even more sturdy. Check the video to see what takes to destroy the leg. The investigation is in progress, though. All we wanted you to know is that we are listening and trying to bring the best quality to every and each product living our warehouse on the way to you, Our customer. We are more than aware that without you, we would not be who we are. We will not stop here and will investigate further but as you can see, after performing such a crash test on the product itself, it is hard to believe that crack is possible rather than from dropping it. But who knows? Investigation continues.