When designing our furniture we have in mind your workflow. To create a piece of music, you need to be inspired. Your Inspiration highly depends on your workflow. If something bothers you during your creative process, your inspiration can be drastically impaired. Our main focus is to produce beautifully organized space you always wanted to have. Music Commander desk is crafted with special care to meet all ergonomic and practicality aspects with strong attention to aesthetics making it unique workstation where everything is in the right place. Put your equipment on the desk and let your creativity be unleashed.


Music Commander gives you the ability to have the whole studio covering only 2m2 (21 square foot) of your space. Spacious desktop surface, top shelf long enough for two 27” monitor screens and speakers, angled towards your sitting position, putting you in the sweet spot. The front shape of the desk providing better access to your keyboard. Keys of your keyboard will sit at average Grand Piano height for the best ergonomic experience. Keyboard stand is on durable casters suitable for carpet floors. Ready to accommodate the biggest 88 key workstations on the market, Pull out your keyboard when you need it and push back under the main desk when you don’t. The large cable management under the main desk is keeping your cables away from your site. A total of 8 U rack components is divided into the both sides of your desk, always within your reach. Add special spark to your desk with RGB LED Lights option. Add additional Rack space by installing Floor Rack cabinet beneath your desk or aside.

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Recording Studio Desk Furniture



Our workstation desks are made to last decades. We utilize only high-quality materials with special attention to incomparable finish. Lacquering process used in our production is one of the best in the Industry resulting with the perfect shiny, glossy lacquer reminds to a mirror. The desk surfaces are finished with the durable matte non -reflective paint. We know how easy assembly is important to you. Our desks are designed to be assembled without any drilling. It can be assembled by anyone. To make your life even easier, we created a step by step assembly videos. All connecting components are thoughtfully planned. Your desk can be easily disassembled and assembled again on the other location if needed. All designs are made with attention to aesthetic and modern look which will be noticed by your visitors and not easily outdated.






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