Why UFO Speakers platforms?

Product announcement 24.10.2018

In the ideal world, the best placement for your speakers would be to place them on the decoupled speaker stands using this guide but in the most cases, people simply do not have enough space so they are forced to use speaker shelves on the desk itself. There is nothing bad about that but you should ask yourself: Is it really necessary to isolate my speakers from the desk shelf?

The answer is simple – Yes it is. Here is why.

Acoustics is a separate science and it is not our intention to dig deep and bother you with some scientific terms and data. So let’s try to be as simple as possible by explaining, why you need to isolate your speakers from the surface they are resting on. In our case the Speaker shelf on the desk.

If you are using our StudioDesk than you can be sure that it is made from MDF, the wood which density has one of the best properties when it comes to the frequencies and sound. In most cases, your speaker cabinet is made from wood too. It is important understanding that there is kinetic energy which is involved when a speaker is playing. The driver of your speaker will produce forward kinetic energy when it is playing, and speakers are still subject to Newton’s First Law of Motion, just like everything else on our planet. Newton’s First Law states that all actions have an equal and opposite reaction. 

In the case of speakers, this means that something will have to move backward to counteract the forward movement of the driver. The part which usually ends up moving back is the cabinet, but due to the relatively heavy construction of most speakers, you will find that the cabinet doesn’t move and it instead vibrates.

A speaker which is coupled to the material on which it is resting is a speaker that becomes one with that chosen material. This means that your speaker and the chosen material will share roughly the same acoustic properties and they will both do their part in propagating your sound.

In other words, speakers produce waves which interfere with the cabinet. As a result, Cabinet starts to resonance together with speakers. When resonating cabinet rest on desk shelf, cabinet resonance is transferred to the bigger mass. In this case, it is a desk.  Now you have a bigger cabinet resonating with your speakers, producing frequencies which actually do not exist in your music. As a result, you will have a wrong picture undefined sound and as a result wrong mix.

Our UFO speaker platforms solving this problem twice. It is made from MDF and lacquered in a matte finish.  UFO incorporates Sylomer isolation material on both sides, speaker and desk side. Material posses extreme elasticity and closed cell structure. It’s sound and vibration isolation properties are perfect to be used in the various mechanical engineering industries where acoustic and vibration isolation is of importance.

A two 12.5 mm Sylomer pads in dimension 170 mm x 12.5 mm are used to isolate your speaker from the desk shelf. Aside from that, UFO is sitting on a swivel mechanism allowing you to bring your speakers to sweet spot easily without lifting it or scratching the surface. Futuristic design goes great along with your StudioDesk.